The stakes are high and your job is complex. But, it just got a whole lot easier.

We’ve created an ingenious, effortless way to scope, define, and maintain your compliance framework online.

What took you hours, days, even months to do before can now be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Introducing the Common Controls Hub—built on the Unified Compliance Framework® you know and trust.

  • With just a few clicks, choose appropriate Authority Documents and customize any Common Control list by simply selecting the specific industries, market segments, and geographies relevant to your organization.

  • Next, use the list you created to export custom spreadsheets and templates.

  • Then, quickly and easily compare any two sets of Authority Documents for an instant gap/overlap analysis and to gauge the impact of new initiatives, new geographies, and new laws, rather than having to complete an entirely new assessment.

  • Automatically track the changes required by new or updated laws and understand your exposure.

  • Create Custom Compliance Templates and Checklists for Standards, Policies, Roles, Events, and more.

Head over to the website, watch the brief video, and sign up for a Free Trial to test it out yourself.






Join thousands of organizations using the UCF:

"Performing control and standards research could take several days in my old job, and there was always the concern that I might have missed some critical frameworks or entire regulations. With the UCF, I can do that same research and summarization in hours and have the confidence that any major framework, standard, or regulation was comprehensively reviewed. The UCF allows me to better focus my time on other important information security activities."

Rudy Montoya
Information Security and Regulatory Compliance
Aspect Software

“We’ve been using the UCF for several years and it has continued to be the single most powerful compliance and regulation resource we have. UCF allows you to focus your efforts, increasing speed of compliance activities and decreasing risk of incomplete or inconsistent strategies, policies and controls. Regardless of the size of your organization you will see an immediate value in incorporating the UCF into your program and processes.”

Michael Legary
Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer
Seccuris Inc.

“The UCF has saved me countless hours of research on the Internet. Having direct access to the authority documents for standards, regulations and guidelines in one convenient location has helped me turn around compliance initiatives such as HIPAA compliance in a fraction of the time compared to what it used to take me prior to using the UCF.”

Edgar Cooke
Manager Information Security & Compliance