Compliance Research Library

Most of these resources are available for free over on the new Common Controls Hub. The Common Controls Hub is now available as a free compliance research tool for users to research up to five authority documents at a time. Head over there now and sign up for your FREE TRIAL!

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  • Authority Document Search Tool: Search, Request, and Vote for Authority Documents

  • Compliance Dictionary: The best compliance reference available, online or off. The Compliance Dictionary standardizes and unifies compliance terms and governance requirements from hundreds of Authority Documents. Check your language sources and verify terminology, includes Acronyms and Glossary Terms.

  • The Science of Compliance® eBook: Walks you through the basics all the way to structuring your own compliance program

  • The Science of Compliance Webinar: Move from compliance chaos to understanding the process.

  • Agility Through GRC Intelligence - a GRC 20/20 Solution Viewpoint: Organizations can greatly benefit from moving away from manual and ad hoc documentation of requirements toward a solution that is specifically designed to manage changes comprehensively and consistently. Such a system gathers and sorts requirements and changes, harmonizes, and maps them to controls to make GRC programs more efficient, effective, and agile in a demanding regulatory and business environment.

Head over to the Common Controls Hub now and sign up for your FREE TRIAL!


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