The Science of Compliance eBook

The Science of Compliance® eBook is structured to walk you through the very basics of compliance starting with what it means to comply, through understanding how to structure a compliance program, to the individual elements of your compliance program, such as asset configuration management, metrics, monitored events, information classification, etc.

You’ll be able to use the Science of Compliance eBook for everything from creating awareness to using portions of it as a template to roll out each of your compliance initiatives.

The Unified Compliance Framework® consists of a lot of information about language, syntax, mapping, and all of the elements and architecture. Because there is so much information, we’ve compiled two versions of the Science of Compliance eBook:

The Science of Compliance for Users version is aimed at readers who want to know more about compliance in general, the UCF in particular, and rolling out the UCF’s compliance and governance tools.

The Science of Compliance for Developers is aimed at organizations that wish to develop databases or commercial applications using the UCF’s data and architecture.

Both versions are written as a complete book with

  •  a chaptered index and detailed Table of Contents
  •  the UCF’s full glossary of over 10,000 defined words and terms
  •  the ability to search the full contents of the book and save individual pages as favorites

The User version of the eBook is available free to all registered users. If you haven't registered yet, click here.

The Database version of the eBook is available only to those clients who have purchased the Corporate Database or Developer Packages.