Monitored Events

Effective GRC and data security requires monitoring and reacting to events. If you don't know exactly what is happening within the corporate network infrastructure, you can't act proactively in response to potential problems and security breaches. A business can't be fully in compliance with government and industry regulations or effectively manage risk without event monitoring in place. And governance -- making smart decisions about the entire enterprise -- is also impossible if you don't know what is happening within that organization. 
The new UCF® Monitored Events describes the activities and actions an organization will want to track to be compliant with various controls. It's a Word based report that links each of the Monitored Events to all of the Controls that either call for an event to take place, react to an event taking place, or both call for and react to the event taking place.
Monitored Events allows policy to directly influence technical implementation and establish clearly defined actions based on events, exactly as required by compliance law, standards, and security best practices.
Monitored Events is available in the Corporate, Corporate Database, and Developer Packages.

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