The Language of Compliance

The Language of Compliance has two key elements; a Glossary and a list of Acronyms.

Language of Compliance - Glossary

The Language of Compliance is the biggest and best dictionary reference available in the world of IT compliance. This glossary  harmonizes compliance terms drawn from hundreds of international standards and regulations, including HIPAA, SOX, CobiT, and over 100 other regulatory bodies and standards agencies.

Use the Language of Compliance to standardize how you speak and write about compliance throughout your organization. Because many regulatory bodies demand dictionary entries in policies, standards, and procedures, you can also use the Language of Compliance as a direct reference, eliminating redundancies in each document.

Language of Compliance - Acronyms List

The Acronyms List is a supplement to the Language of Compliance and is also based on the Unified Compliance Framework® research. The list is an alphabetized list of standardized compliance acronyms presented with the acronym and a reference to the term or terms which comprise the acronym.

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