Information Classification

Several Authority Documents within the Unified Compliance Framework® require organizations to assess themselves and develop an Information Classification regime. Other Authority Documents call for the protection of individual data elements within records. And still other Authority Documents call for the protection of entire suites of record categories that fall under a specific set of organizational tasks. There are three types of UCF® Information Classification documents: Record Category worksheets; Task and Record Classifications; and an over-arching Business Function Standard.

Record Category Worksheets

Record Category worksheets describe each record example, their associated Controls, data elements that are subject to breach notification laws, labeling instruction, retention schedule and more.

Task and Record Classifications

Task and Record Classifications describe the confidentiality, integrity, and availability ratings for each task and record example within the record category.

Business Function Standard

The Business Function Standard includes all business functions and their descriptions.

Information Classification is available in the Corporate, Corporate Database, and Developer Packages.

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